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About Fibertech

We are Jordan’s first wholesale “Fiber to The Home” (FTTH) network, providing mass consumer, high-speed internet services through our broadband retail partners in Jordan. Established in 2019 as a joint venture between Jordan Electrical Power Company (JEPCO) and Umniah Mobile Company, the company strives to popularize premium connectivity to Jordanian households and businesses, and bring the joy of ultrafast internet to the millions.

Our company builds the infrastructure for a large-scale fiber network by deploying the existing electrical poles in the areas where JEPCO operates, all the while linking buildings via smart electrical meters to facilitate remote meter reading automation.

Through our business, we provide our end-users with reliable connectivity of various speeds (100, 500, and 1000 Mbps) at affordable prices. We are rolling-out to reach ultimately every corner covered by JEPCO, connecting around 1.3 million households and enterprise premises in Amman, Zarqa, Madaba, and Balqa. Our ambitious rollout plan has already covered a sizeable expanse starting with Tabarbour, Tla’ Al-Ali, Al-yasmeen, and Abu Nsair.

We are committed to challenging objectives and superior service levels, leading to unparalleled hi-tech customer experiences. This is also commitment to continually stay on top of our game through putting on the ground the most innovative tools and latest solutions.


To have everyone, everywhere included in Jordan’s future & digital economy


Accelerate Jordan’s Digital Transformation through enabling Telecom & Energy Players to reach Jordanian Citizens at their homes and compete for nothing but their satisfaction.



• Nondiscriminatory

• Neutral wholesaler

Trustworthiness Dependable to:

• Clients (ISPs & Operators)

• End-users (telework, home-schooling, eLearning), entertainment

Fast & Large

• Fast rollout

• Largescale coverage

Win-Win Partnerships

• Clients (ISPs & Operators)

• Contractors

• Suppliers

Good Citizenship

• We Care About Our Communities And The Environment

• You can do business without doing damage