At Fibertech, we are looking to attract the best talent in our industry. We look for ambitious, forward thinking, and hardworking team members who want to learn, lead, and turn drawing board projects into a delightful reality for Jordanians. In return, we will develop our employees and give them every chance to flourish and be the best they can be. Without hesitation or reservation, we will expose our team members to rewarding experiences, capturing the imagination of everyone who is in it for the joy of learning and the excitement of making a difference.

In FiberTech strive to cross the threshold of every Jordanian home to digitally transform communities, we noted that Jordanian women engineers, women technicians, and women officers have been most capable at following through, thanks to their loyalty, dedication, and passion towards their society. They simply understood very well the equation that enabling themselves is an enablement of the wider public. Our company has been only the medium for this exciting transformational process.

Join us and become part of an outstanding team set on reshaping the landscape of technology in Jordan. We invite you to flourish and dare to leave your mark on the daily life of millions.

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